Mus’ab Ibn Umayr Foundation is an Islamic non-governmental organisation which was conceived in the year 2012, on realising the deterioration of morals and conduct in our society and the unfortunate crisis of faith amongst the younger generation of muslims in the 21st century.

Driven by the verse; ‘Let there arise a group from among you inviting to all that is good and enjoin what is right and forbid the wrong and these are the successful.‘ -­‐ [3:104] . Our goal is to propagate the Practice of Islam especially among the youth in Nigeria.

Treading the path of dai’s(Callers to Allah), we build platforms for young Muslims to share Islamic knowledge in a manner that is both absorbing and informative, sticking to the key message and principles of Islam.

The foundation sparks its success in the field of da'awah activities, holding islamic circles every fort-night. Our speakers are like you, who are keen to stay on deen spreading the message of Islam with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. Not only that, MIUF also engages with the wider community, kicking in to charity organisations and visiting key institutions such as schools, hospitals, orphanages and much more.

Join us as we walk the footsteps of the messengers.


Our focus is to regenerate better Muslims who will uphold the banner of “La ila ha il lal la (There is no god but Allah)” with the sole aim of restoring the honour and dignity of this deen in Nigeria. Eventually, rising amongst the youth are people willing to serve the message of Islam and be of service to the community and the general public at large.


Standing firm as a non-governmental organisation, not only do we aim in escalating a decent society, we at MIUF ensure reaching out to the less privileged in and around the society by creating awareness and support in both physical and financial aspects.