The Pillars of Strength

In a lecture I listened to by Ustadh Nouman Ali khan he talked about the Youth mentioned in Suratul kahf.

We've all probably read the surah a number of times and perhaps even heard about the story in Tafsirs or other platforms but I'd like to share some of the points he had made & the lessons he shared.

1. Youth are more susceptible to fitnah, to follow the trends, and try to "fit in" but they understood the value of their faith, hence they pulled away from the dominant culture. Hence, Knowing the value of our faith, helps to keep us firm against all odds.

2. These Youth had not actually isolated themselves until their lives were threatened, i.e they were in danger; hence as youth we have must try to engage actively in our societies unless we have a strong reason to pull out.

3. Youth are actually the pillars of strength in a society and not their weakness and as Muslims, we need to have a clear sense of direction such that we find ways to use the dunya to do more for our Deen.

4. Four Main keys to Strengthen our Faith and promote the deen are;

*Worship - holding on to our Salah, Connecting with the Qur'an, & other forms of worship

*Seeking knowledge; to base our actions on, to learn lessons from & to build ourselves with.

* Duas; Seeking Allah's assistance, Mercy, Blessings & guidance earnestly in all our affairs.

* Service to Humanity (for the sake of Allah); A great way to promote our deen, and act of worship also, and a way to earn the mercy of Allah

5. Muslim Youth need to think Big, its not humility to refuse to exercise your talent, to find out how you can maximise your potentials fully. We should have the mindset of being contributors to the society and not merely consumers.
And we must never underestimate ourselves and what we can do for the world we're in.

6. Holding on to the Deen of Allah; connecting to the Qur'an, gives us a sense of value, vision and purpose. Muslims should not be a people who change their standards as the world changes its standards because our standards are defined by Allah.

May Allah grant Muslim Youth Strength of Character to remain the pillars of strength and a means to the betterment of their societies. Aameen.

Written by Sister Fatima Adam

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