The Path To Jannah (Poem)

The path has been laid out
Narrow indeed it is
The thorns sharp and ready to prick

Oh righteous soul
What has thou prepared for this journey
A forked path you shall meet
Several of them there are
Indeed this journey is a tough one
Filled with trials and challenges
But despair not o traveller
For with FORBEARANCE you shall excel
Patience and self-restraint you must establish
Oh how beautiful this worldly life is
And how easy it is to become seduced by it
But with lust comes despair
Control your desires and succeed you shall

Arrogance and pride they harbour
No one is better than us they tell themselves
Their egos they inflate
Making them blind to the truth
They forget that from the earth they were created
And to the earth they shall return
Oh servant of Al-Majid
Gold and silver may get you a comfortable place now
Diamonds and pearls may raise you above others
But Arrogance and pride puts you beneath the pile
With HUMILITY you should walk
For the earth upon which you stand today
Shall be what you lie beneath tomorrow
Remember the path is anything but crooked

Oh devoted soul
The tricks of Shaytan are but a few
He is nothing but sugary words and empty promises
Try he would to lead you astray
Second thoughts he shall make you have
No, he whispers
There will always be a next time and you've got other things to do he persuades
Deceive you he does with the fear of poverty
But where does provision comes from my friend?
GENEROSITY oh slave is not in only giving
It is also in forgiving
Forget not that in giving you also receive
From the endless source you take
An investment with no risks
Free of loss and ever multiplying
Profit insured and stock not degradable
Remember the path is not one of loss and poverty

Oh kindered soul
On this journey many you shall encounter
Lessons and blessings of various kinds
To deal with them you shall struggle
Some hinder, some encourage
Respect you must give to these souls-good or bad
Honesty you must establish
Trustworthiness, responsibility and citizenship you should uphold
Kind and fair you must be to others
GOOD CHARACTER begets nothing but good
For what reward for good is there but good
Negativity you must cast away
Ignorance you should extinguish
Remember this path is one of hard work and striving

Ups and downs
Potholes and steep hills you will encounter
Distractions and inhibitions
Trials and tribulations you should expect
But remember o servant of Allah
You are but a traveller, a stranger to the world
Your path you must know
For like a map it has been drawn out
Grey areas you should avoid
Prepare for a difficult journey
One of heartbreak and devastation
For this path is for those who persevere
Those who are ready to sacrifice
This is the true path

Written by Sister Ameerah AbdurRahman

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